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Semi Private training is done at Functional Sports Performance at 2004 McGaw Ave in Irvine. Training includes workout programs that are designed specifically for you and your goals. Whether that is rehab of old injuries, preparing for a fitness competition, or sports performance I can help help you and tailor a program that fits you. In addition you receive nutrition coaching that fits your lifestyle that is habit and lifestyle oriented. I will also make specific supplement recommendations to target physiological pathways that you may be deficient in.  
Semi Private Unlimited -- $275/month
Semi Private 2xWeek -- $200/month 

Good Food

Nutrition Coaching 

Nutrition is a part of our lives that many of us struggle with. Their is so much information out there on all these different diets. There is information about Atkins, paleo, keto, vegan, Mediterranean, carnivore, Weston A. Price, and so many more. In addition, so many hear that all you have to do is " Calories in, Calories out so just cut calories." In reality it is not that simple as many of you know. Nutrition coaching has become a passion of mine for some time. I have personally always struggled with my own weight and nutritional status. Now for the first time in my life, I have a good understanding of how to eat for me, my body time, and my epigenetics.  For you, I am able to use your health history, any health data such as your 23 and me, and your body type to make specific recommendations. My plan and approach comes from two different angles. I use the more "traditional way" of keeping track of everything you eat and how much you eat starting out. The reason is to give you a better sense of portion control so you can see how much more or much less you should be eating. In addition I use specific lifestyle recommendations and habit changes that help you not just lose weight or gain weight, but sustain that change so it becomes a permanent part of your life, not just transient. 

My nutrition coaching utilizes the precision nutrition platform to help you learn and understand more about nutritional habits and nutrition status.  The combination of the precision nutrition coaching platform with my doctorate level education of nutrition, functional medicine, and functional nutrition helps you change your body from the inside out. You will not only get closer to your fitness goal, you will likely sleep better, have improved mood, improved cognitive function, and improved hormonal status. I am currently still a student so take advantage of decreased coaching prices before the title comes with an increase. 

Nutrition Coaching 
Nutrition and Dietary Analysis with 1 hour Consultation-- $120
Nutrition Coaching with online template workouts-- $175/month
Functional Nutrition Coaching -- $225 for specific lifestyle symptom relief

For the functional nutrition coaching, I am not a medical doctor nor a chiropractic doctor yet. However I have learned the material and education required for an extensive understanding of human physiology, biochemistry, and the disease process. Using functional medicine strategies in my functional nutrition coaching, we can target a specific goal such as improved sleep, reduce stress induced pathology, improve hormonal function. 

Currently I am running a special offer that if you pay for 3 months of Nutrition coaching, you only pay $500, and you get a foods for wellness scan and advanced scan for free. This is a $735 offer. In addition you will get an additional 10% off any APEX Energetics Products. 


Biofeedback Scan

I am now offering biofeedback scan to help assist you in your health journey. Dr. Cook pioneered biocommunication, an advanced electrodermal screening technology. He founded zyto technologies. It works by measuring a Galvanic Skin Response to different frequencies of stimulus from foods, chemicals, supplements, and other stressors that affect or daily lives. Getting a zyto scan can help you determine potential allergies, illness, toxicity, as well as specific and targeted treatment options. 
Personally using a zyto scan helped me fix my own gut issues. I learned specifically what supplements to take based off my own bodies response to the measurements. I have been able to enhance my own weightloss, sleep, and heart rate varience since testing myself on the zyto scan. What we measure:

Energetic Coherence
When the parts and pieces of a system work in harmony with one another, we call this coherence. The greater a system’s coherence, oftentimes the greater its efficiency. Measuring this signal of cooperation, or the lack thereof, provides understanding about what may increase or decrease efficiency.

When the body’s energetic coherence increases after a Virtual Item is introduced, the item is given a positive score. If the body’s energetic coherence decreases, the item is given a negative score.

Zyto Scans
Foods for wellness scan -- $90
Advanced Scan -- $120

Foods for wellness scan allows us to scan what foods will help balance your body and foods that have a good coherence with you. We are able to select different diets such as paleo, vegan, tree nut free, dairy free, and even nightshades free. This scan tells you not just what you should avoid, but what foods your body may want the most. The foods and items that increase your bodies balance and has a positive energetic coherence. 

Advanced Scan works in the same way as the foods for wellness except it helps us determine therapeutic agents that can help facilitate healing based off the bodies own energetic response. After running the scan, we are able to order the specific supplements or products that helped return your bio-markers into a healthy zone. 

Sample Advanced Scan: 


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