What to Expect

Laying the Foundation for Total Health

Whether in person or online, the coaching will be tailored to you. Your goals, your attitude, and your habits will all factor into how your training and coaching program will look. Based off your assessment forms, your gameplan to reach your goals is going to be drafted and implemented. The most important aspect of the first visit and coaching session is establishing your goals and getting ready for the change that you want to accomplish. Generally, most plans are going to have three different phases that will depend on what form of coaching is going to work best for you.

Phase 1: Education

The first phase is educating and informing you on the principles of a healthy lifestyle. Some individuals will skip this phase entirely if they already have established healthy habits that will lead them to success. Generally, this phase lasts about six weeks to up to three months depending on how consistent you are.

Phase 2: The Power of Habit

During this phase we really work on establishing different habits from eating times to gym attendance to how you wake up and go to bed. We will slowly transform you into a well oiled machine that will be built for sustained success where you are not challenged to stick to a healthy lifestyle because it is second nature.

Phase 3: Growth and Results

At this point, we are able to assess and reasses programs, habits, and principles we have been using to measure your success and make any changes that may be appropriate. In phase 3, that is where you will see your results exponentially grow and where you will be able to create new goals after accomplishing your initial goals from the first session.

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